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Your Future

Your Future

Braiding 101 Online Course -

Everything you need to succeed is right here


So You Want To Braid?

Braiding is a pathway to financial freedom and the only thing standing between you and your goals

 is experience!

Come into my online shop and learn the braiding techniques, tricks of the trade, and how you can go from just another braider to the best in your area. 

Are you ready to invest in yourself and see your business and skillset grow? Let's take this journey together!

What's So Good About This Course?

I'm glad you asked! I've been braiding for over a decade and in that time I've seen thousands of clients. 

Throughout the years I've had to learn the hard way about how to keep my clients happy, how to build my business and earn a living. 

Why not skip all the bumps and bruises I ran into and let me teach you all of the tips and tricks to help you reach your goals faster?


What Will I Learn?

We've recorded over 30 hours of content for the making of this course. We used multiple camera angles, different teaching techniques, and even quizzes and tests all to help you learn this information quickly. The final course covers over 50 different topics from the basics to the best money-making braiding styles. Here's a summary of some of the most popular topics:

  • Foundations of Braiding

  • 2 Braiding Techniques

  • 3 methods of Plaiting

  • 2 methods of scalp braiding

  • Braiding with feed ins

  • Mult-angle video demonstrations

  • Tons of free game along the way

How much does it cost?

In this course, you will receive access to over 50 high-quality videos, multiple quizzes, behind the scenes knowledge, and tons of free game to help you succeed. This is all the information I wish I had back when I was trying to figure this world out.

For the next 24 hours, you can take advantage of our 75% off discount.

Original Price


Your Price



Show me a sample lesson

This is one of the 60 lessons that you will experience in the course. This sample video covers feed-ins with knotless braids. 


Check out the quality and thoroughness of this sample. We wish this content could be free, but here's a sample!

What If I'm not Satisfied?

We have spent months pulling together this course just for you. Not only did we record loads of content, we also gave the course to over 20 people to test it out and provide feedback. 

All of this information was used to bring you the very highest quality course possible. Due to this effort, sadly we do not offer any refunds on purchases. 


Still Not Convinced?

Would you spend $75 in exchange for thousands? Of course you would! What if this one course could change everything for you? What if you were one decision away from financial freedom?

The only regret you would have is not deciding to take the course sooner. I can't wait to go on this journey with you but I need your commitment! I'll tell you what...

If you decide to book within the next 10 minutes using coupon code: IVY I'll gift you an extra $25 off the course!

Don't hesitate. This could be your moment!

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